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The word around UEA: BIO Keep Cups


‘I’m loving all the Keep Cups! I bought one yesterday after I’d seen they were now available. The choice to personalize your cup by choosing the colours is a great way to attract attention and it was a lot of fun – it took me probably about 10 minutes to decide. So many nice colour combinations to choose from. This morning while having a tea break with colleagues in the BIO cafe, I counted 8 Keep Cups in the atrium. The paper cups from the cafe definitely seem like a minority now. Most people buying coffee brought their own mug or had a Keep Cup. So it’s great to see this change. The Catering staff member at the BIO Cafe told me that yesterday, he sold 3 Keep Cups in the space of a half hour in the afternoon.

I’m so pleased to see so many people buying and using Keep Cups on campus. Plus I think it’s great they have both the UEA and Carbon Crew logos on them – good for getting the word out’ 

You can buy Keep Cups at all the UEA catering outlets. They cost £5, your first cup of coffee is free and then each following cup is discounted, saving you money and UEA the charge for waste removal.


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