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Registry Energy Awareness Pilot


Two energy awareness campaign pilots were ran during 2008 in the Registry and in the Sciences building. The Registry pilot is still running and has maintained a 10% reduction in electricity use, however the Sciences pilot has faded away.

Key lessons learnt from these two campaigns are:
• Each team needs a lead member to arrange meetings and be a focal point of the team.
• Key to motivating the team is providing information on their progress.
o Registry saw a clear reduction of energy following the actions
o Sciences saw an increase due to the use of electric heaters.
• Support from the Head of School/Senior management is essential so staff feel able to put time to the campaign.
• Estates needed to be seen to improving the areas out of their control (heating/lighting)
• A clear role for the champions.

Please visit the Registry Energy Efficiency intranet site to view their progress.



Mrs Helen Mount